Sunday, August 2, 2009

From the Garden Journal of Don Miguel de la Rosa

I has been a warm summer, relatively speaking, the ladies have taken to it quite well. It is a bit early to determine which I will submit for the judging this year. Anansi, of course, is her usual delicate white, with a thin line of deep purple at the edges of the petals. The Beaumont has bloomed in an exquisite lavendar color this year, a little paler than last year, but even throughout. The Woolley has produced a singular bloom, red at the hips quickly fading through orange to yellow at the edges. It is exotic, but the judges tend to favor more classic, solid coloring. Speaking of exotic, there is of course the Gray lady, she has a nearly pure black bloom this year with just a bit of blood red striation. Truly gorgeous all of them. It will be so hard to decide, but I think this year that insufferable Omicron Llewellyn will finally meet his match.