Sunday, October 11, 2009

Correspondance with Marafita


As per your request I now forward to you this daft of a letter recently dictated to me by My Master, Don Miguel. He is, as will be explained, away for a time and so I am able to get this in the post for you.

A. H.

Marafita de la Rosa
Convent of Ste. Lovelace
Al Andalus

My dear sister,

I pray this letter finds you well and satisfactorily treated. I wish I had better news to share. I has been a most annoying month. First, that insufferable O. Llewellyn bests me yet again for the Caledon Supreme Rose, and with a simple red rose no less. The bloom was not even nearly as full as that of my lovely Woolley rose. I do believe the judges cannot accept that a rose may be any other hue than their precious red. One even went so far as to comment on the black spots on one of the petals. Honestly, such spots are common to yellow roses, it is part of their character. I do not know if I have the drive to continue with this farce any longer.

Secondly, I have suffered some setbacks in my other interests. I had hoped to complete a fair acquisition by now; however, my agent has been unsuccessful in securing the requested object d' art. I am assured that further efforts will yield results, but this delay has put me in a foul mood.

Thirdly, the house supply of coffee has run low again. My man Augustus has explained that there is a matter of proper shipping.

I think I must get away for a while to do some hunting. Augustus can manage my affairs for a week or so. yes, a hunt will be just the thing to take the beastly edge off.

Fare thee well, sister. May the Builder bless you.


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